3 Steps To The Thick Hair Of Your Dreams

Are you dreaming of thick, luscious locks? We can help with that. At Thirty Hair, we want you to look (and feel) like your very best self. If you’ve been feeling a little not-so-Rapunzel-esque, take these three steps to get back on track to your thickest, healthiest hair yet.

1. Discuss any hair concerns with your stylist.

If hair thinning has you down, don’t hesitate to discuss any areas of concern with your stylist! Early prevention is key—and we know all the tips and tricks to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

2. Remember: thicker hair begins with scalp care.

Your hair is only as good as the products you use! For ultimate results, dive into Aveda’s plant-powered, 100% vegan Invati Advanced haircare line. The Invati Advanced 3-Step System is proven to reduce hair loss by 53% in just 12 weeks to help you keep the hair you have longer.

Experience the magic yourself—call (410) 381-7070 for personalized product recommendations and curbside pickup, or shop our online shelves here.

3. Consult with the experts.

In the market for a more permanent solution? Consider a customary hair restoration consultation at JEV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. During the appointment, a team of medical experts will assess your areas of concern and recommend a treatment plan customized for your needs. Call (410) 834-4430 to find out more and book your consultation today!

This holiday season, gift yourself the hair of your dreams. Call (410) 381-7070 to schedule your appointment at Thirty Hair today!