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Summer Hair

The sun is FINALLY shining, it's getting warmer and we finally can tell it's SUMMER!


What better way to celebrate than with some fun new summer hair color!

Did you know there's a million ways to brighten and freshen your hair color while staying low maintenance? 

Remember these few tips for summer hair health:

* Before swimming in any water, wet your hair down completely with tap water. We suggest taking some daily hair repair or shampure conditioner and work it through your wet hair and then place your hair in a topknot or a braid. It will keep it conditioning while you are having fun in the sun and protect if from tangles, sun and water damage.

* Deep conditioning more frequently will help protect your hair from more mechanical damage and environmental damage. Summer time, we tend to flat iron more to keep our hair smoother and less frizzy and in turn, we cause more breakage issues. Using Smooth Infusion Masque or Damage Remedy Mask will help to alleviate the frizz issues and remedy split ends. 

*Clarify your hair after swimming with the right shampoo. Remember that many clarifying shampoos are not color-safe and strip your hair of your color and also strips you of all your natural oils. We highly suggest the Sun Care line for summer hair. It helps remove chlorine and mineral build up, rebalance dry scalp and keep your color safe!

*Use Sunscreen!! Remember places like tops of your ears, your part line in your hair and your neckline. Many people are already complaining of sunburns on their part especially when wearing braids which are a major trend this summer. Keep yourself protected from the sun's harm!

Understanding Aveda's Be Curly Line

Hello to all our curly hair beauties!! It's Sarah Beth, one of Thirty Hair's Front Desk ladies with some important information on the be curly line! The be curly line for me was one that I wanted to learn about because it's so big and new things are always joining it so it was important for me to learn it!

We have a special line of Aveda products just for YOU!  Our " Be Curly " line is always a must for curly hair.  

- Be Curly Shampoo: This wash has wheat protein in it, perfect for giving your hair a healthy and gentle clean.  It is meant to tame frizz and increase shine.

- Be Curly Conditioner: like the shampoo, the conditioner also has wheat protein.  It will define your curls while also taking care of the frizz and increasing shine.

- Be Curly Co-Wash: This low-lather conditioning wash with certified organic babassu oil does three main things.

                - It will clean your scalp very gently.  Sometimes it's good to get a good clean down to the core.

                - It will moisturize your curls for up to three days. THREE! 

                - Just like all of the be curly products, it will reduce frizz which is always a good thing!

This product is for very thick and very dry hair.  It is used in place of the be curly shampoo and conditioner. 

- Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque: This product is a rich creme that is used to moisturize curls and leave them looking better each and every time you use it!  It is suggested to be used once a week, but every head of hair is different so you can really used it as needed.  Apply it after your shampoo in the shower.  Comb it through your wet hair, leave it on for 2-5 minutes (10 if hair is very tangled) and then rinse.  It's that easy!

-  Be Curly Style-Prep:  This product is used as a booster to the Be Curly Curl Enhancer.  It also detangles your curls and protects against damage from combing or brushing.  It can also make styling your curls a lot easier while giving them a soft feel. 

- Be Curly Curl Enhancer:  This product lives up to its name! It enhances and intensifies your curls, and really locks them in for a very finished look.  It can be used daily, and you apply it to your wet hair before you style it.

- Be Curly Curl Controller: For those of you who need to tame your fun curls, this product is for you!  It controls volume, combats frizz, and lengthens even the tightest curls.  If you are looking for a more controlled style then this is what you need. 

-  Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray: This hair spray is specific to curly heads.  It has a flexible hold that intensifies curls while giving them all-day frizz control.  The flexible hold gives you the security of your hair staying in place without the flaking of crunchiness of other hairsprays.  Not to mention, it smells delicious!

Come in to our salon today to scoop up some of this awesome product! In stock we have both regular and travel sizes, so you can " Be Curly" wherever you go! (Travel sized product pictured here) We have very knowledgeable stylists that would be more than willing to answer any and all questions you may have.  You can also head to for more details on this line of product. 

Be curly, everyone!!

To Mask or Not To Mask

Do any of you ladies out there have hair masks in your shower? Do you use them or are they in there for show :) Did you buy it because it looked cool or you read an article about how a hair mask would rock your world but you never really understood how to use it or what it would do?

Well don't you worry, we love hair masks at Thirty Hair and I am here to help you figure the lovely world of hair masks out and how to make your hair even more amazing thanks to them!

Okay first, if you started reading this and decided it wasn't the article for you because your hair isn't super damaged so you wouldn't benefit from a mask-- you are wrong. Hair masks are great for EVERYONE, you just have to find the right mask for you! Second, while there are a ton of DIY mask recipes out there, to get the optimal results you need to truly follow the recipe exactly and do your research on exactly what you are looking for in a mask with the ingredients. In all honesty, I prefer to be able to do my research in other ways and have it premade. It makes it much more convenient to use in the frequency I like to utilize a mask.

For masking, you need to determine your needs and your availability. Ideally, you want to mask once a week. If your hair is in serious need, you can mask more often or rotate which mask. When my hair has been in serious trouble or it has been ridiculously humid outside (can anyone say frizz?!) I have utilized a mask every time I've washed (which would be every few days) until I felt like things were better under control.

So have frizz? There are masks out there for frizz such as smooth infusions new smoothing masque or if you wear your hair naturally curly, check out the new be curly intensive detangling masque.

Have breakage and damage? You want to look for a mask that gives you both strength and a little moisture as well. Strength is usually labeled as protein in different product companies. Aveda usually uses quinoa for their strength, especially in their Damage Remedy line. That mask is my absolute favorite.

Hair feel like hay? Drier than the sahara desert? Check out one for moisture that includes a good oil base to it. We utilize the Dry Remedy mask. Sometimes we will recommend rotating the Dry Remedy and Smooth Infusion to utilize both the shea butter and buriti oil from each line.

Once you determine the mask, figure out how you want to use it. I personally recommend using your mask on the day that you are going to take a little longer showering (such as the day you are going to do all your personal grooming aka shaving). I quick wash my hair, get out as much of the moisture from my hair as I can, apply the mask from my ear area down then work it up to my scalp and then I wrap it up into a bun on top of my head and enjoy the rest of my shower. I try to have the hottest shower possible for the steam to help the mask penetrate. When it's time to rinse, I rinse as cool as possible even though that's hard for me!

You can also apply the mask on clean damp hair and wrap in saran wrap or a shower cap to trap the heat in and let it sit on for as long as I can. Overnight is even okay. I then rinse extremely well. If you have fine hair, you can lightly shampoo and condition if you are worried about being too greasy.

Masks are definitely a great way to keep your hair healthy. It won't completely fix split ends but it will help mend and prevent split ends from getting worse. The only true way to fix split ends is to trim them and maintain them. Hair masks are the way to protect your hair, help fix frizz and moisture, and provide more shine to your hair.

Have questions? Schedule a shampoo, conditioning mask and blowout with one of our stylists. We love helping you pick out what's best for your hair!

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