Ever wonder why we are named Thirty Hair? What about why we use Aveda products? Or how we pick your stylist when you are new to us? What about how long a color service takes? Check out below for all those answers and MORE!

Where are we located?
We are located in the Snowden Center, which is at the corner of Snowden River Parkway and Oakland Mills Road. You can see us from Snowden River Parkway but you must turn onto Oakland Mills and then into our complex to arrive at our destination.

Why Aveda?
Aveda has been an amazing company to work with for many years. Between the incredible amount of advanced education and product that truly does what it says it will, it was a no-brainer for our company to decide this was the line for us. We also get the pleasure of working with the Aveda store at Columbia Mall for many events, which is a really cool opportunity. Aveda products are naturally sourced and based which means that we can work harder at making your hair exactly how you want while the products don’t damage or hurt your hair!

How do you determine who I see when I call for a first-time appointment?
Our desk team is trained to ask questions to help guide us in the best fit for your appointment. Whether it be due to personality, specialty of a team member or appointment time preference, we do our best to find your right fit on the first try. The nice part for you is that being team-based, if that stylist isn’t the perfect fit then we will gladly redirect you to the right fit for your next visit! We never hold you hostage to one team member but instead encourage you to hop around between us as much as you like!

What is your policy on redo’s, refunds and product returns?
Our team desires to do the best possible job on your hair service and product recommendations. If for some reason you aren’t happy, we encourage you to call us immediately! It is never our intent to give you less than a perfect experience. We will do our best to get you in with the same team member or a different one to get your hair exactly what you’d decided on at the initial appointment. As for products, we always accept returns which become store credit. We do not however give refunds for products or services.

Do you offer consultations for your services?
We do in fact offer a free consultation prior to scheduling your service if desired. At that time, our team member can discuss options for services, go over ideas with you and discuss pricing before scheduling. We do however, in all our services provide a thorough consultation prior to starting each service. If for any reason you do not feel completely comfortable with the consultation, please speak up! We want to make sure you know exactly what’s happening before we start!

How long, on average, does it take for a service in your salon?
It depends on your hair length, density and texture as well as the service. On average, we recommend giving us 45 minutes for most haircut and style services and 90 minutes to two hours for most color services. Some color services do take longer but we will discuss that with you prior to starting.

Why the name Thirty Hair?
Surprisingly, there are a ton of reasons why! The most important one to us was that it was unique, memorable and easy for us to put our stamp in the community with such a unique name. We wanted it to be easy for you, the consumer, to find us online, with social media and easy to remember.  What we didn’t realize is that everyone would be so curious as to the name and that sometimes it sounds like we are saying “dirty hair”!

What is your policy on tipping?
Gratuities in our opinion are never expected and are truly for a job well done. We gladly accept tips on credit cards and checks. We do not offer cash back on credit cards or checks but instead, process them through our computer system. We are happy to help distribute your gratuity between our staff as we know it can get confusing at times with everyone on our team working with you!

May I bring my children along to my appointment?
To provide the best possible service and experience for all our guests, we kindly request that children visit only when receiving a service. We may ask to reschedule your service if they bring unattended children with you.