Hello From Thirty!

It’s FINALLY here! That time where we enter the world of blogging!

I know you have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting reading our very thoughts, tips and ideas!

So here they are! But FIRST, a little information about the voices behind the blog here at Thirty Hair!

Typically, you will hear from Sarah, our creative brains at Thirty Hair but every so often you will hear from guest bloggers on our team such as Sarah Beth, our trustee Guest Coordinator at the front, or Kara, who is one of our stylists who has a passion for hair color especially hand painting, long hair sombres and curly hair. Who knows, we may even get Ed, our oldest and MAYBE wisest, stylist of 50 years in the business to write some of his tried and true tidbits for us!

What you can look forward to are beauty and makeup tips, ideas on how to talk with your stylists both with us at Thirty and at any hair salon, and who we are and what we love here at Thirty Hair.

If you stumbled on our page, let me introduce you to Thirty Hair. We are an Aveda concept hair salon based in Columbia, Maryland that focuses on creating wearable hair. We work with all ages, are open late for both working individuals and moms who need to come in after dad comes home so they don’t need to get childcare for their alone time at the salon. We love to create beautiful hair that is fun but also wearable. We have a variety of experience as well as a variety of ages for our team which gives us a great diversity when it comes to taking care of guests. One of the biggest perks that we tell our guests is that we work for THEM, not that you work around us! If you haven’t tried us before, stop in sometime just to say hi! And if you have, we would love for you to share your experiences on yelp and google+ to help us grow! Oh and hop on over to facebook and follow us and make sure to look for our hashtag on IG!

Thanks for reading! We look forward to more posts! Feel free to comment and join in!