HELP! I colored my hair at home and it’s TOO dark!

Have you ever had that urge to change your hair color and either time, money or just desire has made it so that you colored at home? For some people, it has worked out great. But for the majority of society, the resounding response after coloring at home is something like this:

*Oh MY GOD what happened?

*It looks NOTHING like the box!

*Fix it, just fix it. Make me my natural again.

*I mean it’s okay, but it will fade out and go back to my natural, right?!


Well let’s just be really clear here. Hair color is not as easy as picking up a box of the shade you want to be, slapping it on in your bathroom while drinking wine, instagramming or whatever else you may be doing and waiting the allotted time before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning to perfection.

Like I said in our earlier post, What’s Behind a Professional Hair Color, it takes a LOT of work to truly formulate hair color. It isn’t just “hey, I want to be that copper red that Emma Stone is rocking these days so let me grab the box that looks like that” and you will magically have it.

When you get your hair professionally colored, you are asking for your stylist to assess your hair for it’s texture, porosity, health, natural color, previously colored hair, and the style you wear. Basically, you want your stylist to look at your hair and see what it currently looks like, what it’s going to need to get to that desired color you want with both conditioning the hair and the pigments and developers necessary to get you there and just as importantly– is it going to fit you and your lifestyle. If you want to only get your color done every 3-4 months but are picking a color that requires maintenance of every three weeks, your stylist should be talking with you about how to find a happy medium, or atleast be honest with you about what the true maintenance will be for your desired result.

If you do color at home and it is too dark, there are a few tips and tricks us stylists have to safely fix it. All hair color does fade, whether it’s demi, semi, or permanent. It just is a matter of what it fades out to the remaining color. Keeping your hair healthy is always a huge part of maintaining great hair color and being able to make changes with your color with minimal damage.

If you’ve ever considered a change but are concerned about the cost, the damage or the time. Give us a call, we love to consult with clients for free about making a color change!