Know What We’re Made Of: Kara

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K A R A 


Our stylist Kara has been working in the hair industry for 7 years now. When asked what her favorite Aveda product to use is she says Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Cream ($26) because it protects against humidity, has major heat protection, and helps perfect a blow out. While her absolute favorite lip color from the new line is Passion Fruit. Outside of work Kara loves to hang out with her two kids and work out! She is currently watching Bates Motel on Netflix. Her favorite thing to do here at the salon is anything and everything going brighter or blonder. The three words she would pick to describe her best are: Spunky, Friendly, and Creative. 


Kara is always posting her latest hair colors and styles on Instagram! 

Check out her Instagram @karashairchronichles

We will be featuring all of our stylists throughout the following weeks, stayed tuned! 

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