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Two MUST HAVE Products to Add to Your Everyday Regiment!  


There are so many reasons to love these two products. The
outer peace™ foaming cleanser ($29) is able to cleanse pores, remove makeup, and other skim imperfections without the effects of over-drying or irritating skin. Meant to be used as a daily light weight cleanser, use this twice a day (2 pumps) followed by a small amount of moisturizer. This can be used on all skin types but is most ideal for acne prone skin. Not only is this product infused with multiple plant extracts (like amla and saw palmetto) but also has Aveda’s classic aroma, resembling that of lemon, tea tree, and rose. 

Now, let’s talk about why we love the cooling balancing oil concentrate  (1.7fl oz $35)! This product is also lightweight and everything we look for in an oil to be able to calm and relax sore muscles and revive our skin and senses. By massaging this oil into our most tense areas (necks, backs, ankles) we can instantly feel a flash of certified peppermint and blue chamomile. 

We have both these products available for purchase at Thirty Hair today!