Holiday Hair: Your Three Go-To Styles this Party Season

It’s official—the pumpkins have been put away and you’re starting to hear holiday music in the stores. The holiday season is upon us, and that means that from here on out, it’s going to be a string of parties, dinners and festive cocktails with friends.

Between catching up with old friends and celebrating with the people you see every day, the one certainty you have is that lots of parties mean lot of pictures, and you know you want to look your best.   

We’ve put together our top three holiday hair looks for this party season, to have you covered in any party situation.

#1: The High Pony

There’s something innately chic about a pulled-back ‘do, especially when it’s paired with the height of a high ponytail. For a sleek look, go stick-straight and use a piece of hair to wrap around the base and cover any elastic you might be using.

#2: A Festive Braided Style

Whether it’s hair-up or hair-down, a braid kicks a romantic, loose ‘do to the next level. Bonus: If you have highlights or balayage like the pic below, a braided style really accentuates the multi-tonal color.

#3:  A Blowout

Really, when it comes to dressing up, nothing beats a good blowout. From a voluminous Bardot bombshell blowout, to a smoothing blow dry with softly-curled ends, you can choose how much body you want and know you’ll leave feeling like a movie star.   

Salon tip: When you come in for your blowout, show us a pic on your phone of what you’re going for, so we know exactly how high to dial it up.

Between these three styles, you’ll be sure to get through the season looking as festive and fabulous as possible in any occasion.

Be sure to look at your calendar now and pre-book your hair appointments for the most important dates before our books fill up…because they will.  

Here’s to a beautiful holiday party season!