Maximize That Mane: Top Tips for Curly Hair

As we head toward the dog days of summer and that heavy Baltimore humidity picks up, curly girls are heading into the frizziest months of the year. Read on for some nuggets of curly wisdom from the best salon in Columbia that will help you rock those curls all year round.


Detangle the right way

Make sure your brushing technique isn’t causing more damage. The best way to detangle curly hair is to work from the bottom, up…with a wide-toothed comb…in the shower…before you rinse out your conditioner.


Mix it and masque it

Our curls are all different; there’s no single perfect product for all curly hair. You’ll find your best results mixing and matching a variety of products—Aveda’s Be Curly line is a good place to start. Start with travel sizes and experiment to figure out your formula, and don’t forget to include a smoothing or moisture masque for some extra TLC.


Get ahead of your frizz before it forms

Morning moisture is a curl’s best friend. Detangle your hair when it’s wet after a shower. Gently squeeze out the excess water using an old t-shirt—getting all aggressive with a terry towel just creates frizz and tangles. Comb through with a wide-toothed comb, scrunch in some styling product, and then leave it to air-dry or gently diffuse. This method will lock in moisture and curl-form, and help prevent the frizz from ever forming.


Find a guru

Not everyone can cut curly hair the right way, so when you find the stylist who speaks your hairs’ language, you stick with them. Luckily, we have some pretty amazing curly hair stylists at Thirty Hair. When you’re calling in to book your appointment, ask for Lucy or Kara and let them know you’re a curly girl.


If you need guidance around the Be Curly products, want some advice on which masque matches your mane, or want us to talk you through the shampoo-versus-co-wash debate, we’re here for you. Visit our salon in downtown Columbia and speak to any of our customer care team members who are happy to give you a full tour of the products we love for our curly girls.


Keep cool and curl on!