Self-Care 101: Give Yourself Some Me-Time


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In today’s hectic world of rushing around, taking care of responsibilities and working long hours both in and out of the home, it’s easy to find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed. We make time for everyone else in our lives, but a lot of the time we forget about a crucial part of being happy and healthy—self-care.

Self-care is anything that helps you live your happiest, healthiest life and be the best version of yourself.  It can mean anything from drinking enough water every day and getting enough sleep, to enacting a self-imposed screen-time limit, to simply taking a break once in a while to allow yourself to feel beautiful.

And for a big impact in not a lot of time, a blowout can be just what the self-care doctor ordered. And at Thirty Hair, we just happen to offer the best blowout in the Baltimore area.

A blowout at Thirty Hair is a truly relaxing experience, involving a thorough yet relaxing shampoo and conditioner massage with Aveda’s aromatherapy products that are chosen by your hair specialist according to your hair type and needs. After that we lead you to the chair, detangle your hair, and give you a professional blow-dry and style.

“But I have shampoo at home, and I have a hair dryer, and my mornings are not full of me-time.”

There’s something to be said for sitting in a chair and allowing another person to take care of you—that hands-on connection is where the relaxation comes in. Also, professional hair styling tools are of a better caliber than your at-home brush and hairdryer. We’re able to do better work with less heat, and more powerful airflow. And we happen to be hair experts, who can style your hair any way you like it, from slick and straight to bombshell blowout curls.

With proper care, your blowout can last 4 or more days—maybe even more with a little dry shampoo. And you know what that means: less time doing hair and more time to hit snooze or sip your coffee in the morning.

If you’re new to blowouts, right now is the perfect time to try one out. From now through October you can book a $20 blowout* with our new talent stylists Allison and Lucy. Just mention this offer when you call to book.

However you choose to do it, be sure to start scheduling some self-care into your busy life, and let the beauty experts at the best salon in Columbia MD help you feel your fabulous best.