New Guidelines for Appointments

I wanted to reach out to let you all know of our new protocols that are starting with our new normal. We know that this is not what anyone is used to and does not sound very relaxing however, we want to keep both your safety and ours in mind. We appreciate your support both pre and post-covid 19. We have truly missed seeing all of your smiling faces and know that behind our masks will be smiles of joy to see you again! We promise to work hard at keeping a safe and healthy environment while we also provide a great service and make sure your hair is back to beautiful!

With reopening does come some unusual and different experiences and standards for service atleast in a temporary form to provide a safe and sanitary environment for everyone. To reschedule your appointment, we will require an email address on file to provide you with written instructions about coming to your hair appointment with Thirty Hair. We will ask that all clients must wear a mask to their appointment.

As we work towards having an official date for reopening, we will be contacting all guests with an appointment scheduled between March 10-May 31, 2020. We ask that you PLEASE do not call us unless returning a call at this time as we have a very set system for who is handling each appointment for scheduling. We promise, we are set up to make this a smooth scheduling system for everyone.

When rescheduling, we will have reviewed your service history and may have a few questions for you when it comes to scheduling. During this time of limited entry, we will be working hard to make sure everything is booked appropriately and ahead of time so that we can provide a great non-rushed service for you and stay on time! We will be providing our full service including shampooing and blow dry services. If you do not wish to have a shampoo or blow dry service, we ask that you come in with freshly washed hair. For more information around this, please discuss this during your phone call for scheduling.

You will receive an email prior to your appointment with details regarding your experience and will include instructions for the day of. Please review them and text or email us with any questions!

Our team will be utilizing many new safety procedures as precautionary measures. Our team will be temperature checked every shift before entering the building. As well, our whole team has been certified in Barbicide Sanitation Protocol as well as the state board protocols. We will be using stations at 7 to 8 feet apart as well as spaced throughout the salon during this time and we will only be using certain shampoo bowls. We will be utilizing masks at all times and a new cape and towels for every guest. We will be Barbicide sanitizing every station prior to the next guest to make sure they are clean and ready for you! Our brushes and combs will be going through extra steps to make sure they are all sanitized and disinfected. Our team will also be using frequent handwashing and wearing gloves when necessary for our services.

We ask that you are 5-10 minutes early for your appointment. You will not be able to bring any children or friends along so please make appropriate arrangements for childcare. For anyone under the age of 16 receiving a service, they may have 1 adult accompany them inside.

Please park and send us a text (or give us a call) when you arrive. We will let you know when your service provider is ready with a cleaned station. Please only bring necessary items with you such as phone, keys and wallet. We will not be using our coat racks at this time for client jackets so please plan accordingly. You will then proceed to the door where someone will welcome you in. We ask that you check out our posted sanitation protocols and then head to the bathroom to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before going to your station. At the station, we will have a special spot for your keys, phone or anything you brought in with you. Tohelp us keep things clean, please use that or your lap to hold those items! We will not be providing beverage service at this time as it requires the removal of masks for drinks. If you desire to bring water or coffee with you please be respectful of others with your mask etiquette!

To be able to provide a full experience, we do ask that your mask is an over the ear mask. If you are receiving a color service, we do have disposable masks available for use to avoid getting hair color on the straps during the service. If you prefer your mask, we will provide medical tape to secure your mask to your face without using the ear loops while color is being applied and processing.

We will be providing a clean, sanitized cape for each client for their services. At this time, we will be discontinuing the use of our color smocks to help with laundry due to an extended step we will be using for all our laundry services. We ask that you please wear an old shirt if you are concerned about color or hair getting on your clothes! While we want to see your amazing new shirt you bought online during quarantine, we would rather not get it messy!

While at the shampoo bowl, we do ask that you refrain from talking and we will too! We want to give you the ultimate experience of relaxation and this will help protect us all! We will ask about any conditioning treatments ahead of time. If you have any concerns about your shampoo service, please feel free to ask prior to heading to the shampoo area.

At the end of the service, our guest services team will be helping with our checkout process. We will help you get any products off our shelves and will be the ones to load your bag up with goodies! If you prefer to bring your own bag, we will place them on the counter for you to pick up. At this time, our schedules will remain in the new split shifted concept until we are allowed to be at a larger capacity. We have hopes that we can shift our schedules back to a more normal routine but until then, here we are!

We will be pre booking using those schedules through the fall but ask that you be flexible with us as things change (like the rules, school system changes etc!)

For payment, we have added in a new option for an almost touchless experience for payment! You will be the only one to touch your card and we will do all the button pressing! Tips, as always, can be put on your card and will then be distributed to our team.

Sadly, at this time, we cannot handshake or give hugs. We LOVE to give hugs to many of you but this is for all of our safety. Know that we love and appreciate you!

Thank you for your understanding and your support. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me! I appreciate all your support and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Sarah and the Team at Thirty Hair