Education Edition: Textured Hair Specialist Visits Thirty Hair

At Thirty Hair, we believe that a stylist is only as good as their training. That’s why we invest in elite continuing education to ensure we stay on top of our game. And who better to keep us in the loop than Naomi Dove, Aveda North America Artistic Director for Texture?

Meet Naomi Dove, salon director and leader in Aveda Education

Textured hair” is where the strands create shape (think spirals, zig zags or waves) and tends to be the driest of all hair types. Textured strands are often thicker and more densely packed so it can also be harder to moisturize the scalp and maintain your scalp’s natural oils. It requires a special level of expertise in both hair cutting and product knowledge to achieve the most sought-after results in natural hair. That’s why we invited Naomi to Thirty Hair to teach her exclusive course on textured hair.

Through this course, we learned the best cut and style techniques for all types of textured hair, the right products to nourish and protect, and how to embrace natural texture for a real “curl next door” look. 

Put our knowledge to the test! Book your appointment today by calling (410) 381-7070 or request an appointment online here. We can’t wait to make your curls shine… just in time for the holidays!