Be Curly, Be Confident: Unveiling Aveda’s Be Curly Advanced at Thirty Hair

Calling all curls! At Thirty Hair, we’re obsessed with healthy, bouncy curls, and that’s why we’re thrilled to offer Aveda’s Be Curly Advanced line. This innovative collection is a game-changer for anyone with waves, curls, or coils. But with so many products, where do you even begin? Our stylists are here to break it down for you with a super simple routine!



The key lies in deep moisture and frizz-fighting ingredients. First up, ditch the harsh shampoos! Be Curly Advanced Co-Wash gently cleanses your scalp while keeping your hair hydrated. Apply generously to wet hair, massage in, and rinse thoroughly. For deep conditioning, swap the Co-Wash for the Be Curly Advanced Intense Curl Perfecting Mask once a week. Apply to wet hair, leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse. 

Next, prep your hair for styling with the Be Curly Advanced Curl Perfecting Primer. This lightweight leave-in conditioner detangles and smooths your hair, making it easier to manage those beautiful strands. Now that your hair is clean, conditioned, and ready to go, you can apply your favorite styling products! Choose between Be Curly Advanced Curl Enhancer Cream which provides just the right amount of hold for looser waves or Be Curly Advanced Coil Definer Gel for a stronger hold when defining tighter curls and coils.



Pro tip: Less is more! Apply styling products sparingly to avoid weighing down your curls. Come see us at Thirty Hair for a personalized Be Curly Advanced consultation and discover your perfect curl cocktail!