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An Aveda Concept Hair Salon located in Columbia, Maryland. At Thirty Hair, our stylists pride themselves on the perfect combination of precision and artistic panache when creating your perfect look. We are a team environment, working towards your best interests-- not ours. We can't wait to see you in our chairs!

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Summer Hair Color Ideas

We've been a little busy over at Thirty Hair as everyone is wanting new beautiful Summer hair! If you are like our clients, you are itching for some change, chopping off some length or brightening up your color. Here's just a peak of what we've done in the past few weeks!


Virgin, curly hair taken to a soft blonde balayage

Virgin, curly hair taken to a soft blonde balayage

Black box color softened up with a full dimensional foil and toned to a cooler light brown

Black box color softened up with a full dimensional foil and toned to a cooler light brown

blending out the grey while lightening up the ends with a balayage

blending out the grey while lightening up the ends with a balayage

This guest chopped off 4 inches and had a heavy balayage toned to a cooler, ash blonde!

This guest chopped off 4 inches and had a heavy balayage toned to a cooler, ash blonde!

Welcoming our First American Board Certified Haircolorist!

It's been a busy summer over at Thirty Hair including several new hires!

Today, we want to introduce Breann who officially hits our floor this week!

Breann comes to us from Florida, although she is originally from New Jersey. Her and her fiance have moved here this summer and are enjoying making new roots in Baltimore. Breann loves to hike, enjoys great sushi and loves a good pair of shoes. (I mean what girl doesn't?!)

Breann brings to us a long resume of education but the biggest one is the American Board Certification for Haircolorists. This certification includes a written test, a performance test and an effective skills in solving color challenges test. Only 70% of test takers pass.

We are excited for you to meet Breann and enjoy her color knowledge. Breann works Tuesday through Saturday. Her specialty is dimensional color and extensions.

Here's a peek at some of her work!

Education at Thirty Hair

We've been busy bees this spring at Thirty Hair taking trips to Alexandria, Virginia to the Aveda Southeast Education Headquarters and having the regional cutting and styling educator into the salon for an all-team cutting class! Check out some of the work we created, things we've learned and the fun we've had!

Lisa and Sarah headed off to an Advanced Academy with Bea Watson, Aveda's Globa Director of Styling. They learned a TON of unique uses for the styling products and many quick and easy ways to take the runway looks and trends into wearable hairstyles.


Kara went to a hands on class working with Andrea Swanson about the newest trends and ways to work with fashion colors. Did you know Aveda color can create an infinite amount of pastel colors and about every shade in the rainbow without permanently damaging your hair? Check out the lavender shadow root she did to Emmy, one of our newest stylists after attending the class.


Lastly, the girls all got together on their Monday off to work on their cutting skills. Hope Harris came to us for the day and our salon became an advanced academy learning core cutting with her. We each worked on 3 different cuts, perfecting body positioning, hair texture and techniques.

We had quite the fun considering it was our day off and ended with a silly group selfie... (we were so busy working we didn't stop to take pictures of our work throughout the day!)


If you haven't noticed, we are on the move, learning and growing for our guests! Between weekly trainings for our new hires and constant advanced educational opportunities, change and growth is key for our team. Look for more fun posts on facebook and IG as our team gets two more awesome color educational events in-salon this summer!



DIY Hair Styling

Some great product tips of DIY styling!

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Blondes have more fun!

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like spring around here at Thirty Hair. 

We've been busy making lots of people ready for spring by lightening and brightening their hair color. A little known fact about Aveda is how gentle their lighteners are!

We love creating fun transformations for people's hair. Check out some of our favorite blondes of this spring!

One scalp lightening and refresh to a silver-platinum all over with olaplex to help condition the hair. Done by Sarah H.

One scalp lightening and refresh to a silver-platinum all over with olaplex to help condition the hair. Done by Sarah H.

From dark to light! Utilizing the baby-light technique, we got rid of some of the dark pieces and created a brighter, ashier blonde. Done by Sarah H

From dark to light! Utilizing the baby-light technique, we got rid of some of the dark pieces and created a brighter, ashier blonde. Done by Sarah H

Taking a grown-out balayage and updating it with fresh dimension, lighter blonde through the ends and a nice glaze to soften the color to a beautiful buttery blonde.Done by Kara 

Taking a grown-out balayage and updating it with fresh dimension, lighter blonde through the ends and a nice glaze to soften the color to a beautiful buttery blonde.Done by Kara 

We hope you come in soon for your spring look! 

Looking for a New Style?

Ready for a change in 2016? So is our staff at Thirty Hair!

We are currently working on our Hair Goals for 2016!

Are you looking for short, long, dark, light or something drastic?

Stay tuned for our stylist's new hair goals of 2016 and start watching for our #hairgoals2016



Want Ombre Hair?

Ever wondered what your head would look like while getting the elusive yet EXTREMELY popular Ombre hair color done?

Check out the video captured by our assistant Isabelle of our stylist Sarah working on a client wanting an ombre. For more information about different techniques and what to ask for when booking appointments, go check out our blog posts on color techniques

We love taking videos and pictures of our work, if you are willing to let us video or take pictures, please let us know! When taking selfies, tag us! @thirtyhair and #thirtyhair and for more pictures, stay up to date with us on facebook and instagram!!

Ombre Hair done by Stylist Sarah at Thirty Hair in Columbia, MD

Balayage, Ombres, Sombres, Hand- Painted Hair... What does it even mean?!

Sombres, Ombres, Babylights, Balayage, what are all these terms and how in the world do I get the perfect lighter dimensional hair color? Look no further than this post for an explanation of what to ask for next time you're in the chair!

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Isabelle's Tips for a Salon Blowout at Home

Hi all! My name is Isabelle, and I am Thirty Hair's newest employee! I am currently assisting Sarah and learning the world of Aveda! One of the best things I have learned in my first month here has been about blowouts. Here are my top 3 tips for a perfect Salon Blowout at Home!

1. PRODUCT PRODUCT PRODUCT! It is all about the product you use and how much you use. Less is more. My favorites for a long lasting blow out is the Brilliant Gel by Aveda and the new Smooth Infusion Smoothing Cream by Aveda. 


2.  Get the moisture out first!!  It might sound silly but the easiest way to get volume in your hair is to flip your head upside down until your hair is 80% dry. Then start to do the work with the brushes to get your style in place. Once the roots dry, they are basically stuck where they dry, so make sure if you want volume that you give them volume! You can always tweak the ends with an iron when it's dry. 


3. Round brushing is key! It's all about the the smaller the brush the more of the curl you will get. So it all depends on the finish look you want.

What's Behind a Professional Hair Color

Ever wonder what it takes to get a professional hair color? Why it costs so much? Or what the difference between those boxes at the grocery store? In a series of blogs, we hope to debunk some myths about coloring your hair as well as help you to understand the process!

First off, to even access Aveda hair color, you must be a licensed cosmetologist or barber AND work in a licensed Aveda salon. To get to that point means going to cosmetology school which takes roughly 1500+ hours (let's call it 10 months) and costs around $20,000. It's not the easiest of things to get through but it is a lot of fun!

Next, let's talk about training. At Thirty Hair, before starting on the floor solo, our stylists go through large amounts of training (We are talking 2-3 months) on everything from the basics to the extremes of hair. Our hair color training alone is one third of the time! And that's after they've completed school! Training includes memorizing the color wheel (which is vital), learning what colors remain, how to use the lowest developer possible to keep the hair healthy, and how to correct color (like that time you tried to manic panic your hair pink and now have a big job interview that you can't possibly show up with faded pink/orange hair for!)

The big difference with those boxes of color versus our boxes of color is that our boxes need to be custom blended to get your hair color. We look at the color you want to be, the color you have on your head, and formulate from there! Sometimes it even takes multiple formulas depending on what you want, any regrowth you have and the previous color on your ends!

Practice Formulations

Practice Formulations

Lisa's Take on Thickening Hair

Want a quick boost for fine hair? 

Lisa, our resident fine hair stylist who loves to make hair bigger without looking like you are from texas wanted to fill everyone in on a great Aveda product for thickening hair!

At Thirty hair,  we love Aveda's Pure Abundance Hair Potion.  This powder can be sprinkled at the root to increase the diameter of each strand and create volume.  Puff the powder into your hands and transform to a texture potion to scrunch for that beachy look.  When trying to determine how much to use, tilt the bottle back and forth 2-3 times and then pour what is in your cap into your hand for maximum effect. 

Your fine hair will thank you :)

To Mask or Not To Mask

Do any of you ladies out there have hair masks in your shower? Do you use them or are they in there for show :) Did you buy it because it looked cool or you read an article about how a hair mask would rock your world but you never really understood how to use it or what it would do?

Well don't you worry, we love hair masks at Thirty Hair and I am here to help you figure the lovely world of hair masks out and how to make your hair even more amazing thanks to them!

Okay first, if you started reading this and decided it wasn't the article for you because your hair isn't super damaged so you wouldn't benefit from a mask-- you are wrong. Hair masks are great for EVERYONE, you just have to find the right mask for you! Second, while there are a ton of DIY mask recipes out there, to get the optimal results you need to truly follow the recipe exactly and do your research on exactly what you are looking for in a mask with the ingredients. In all honesty, I prefer to be able to do my research in other ways and have it premade. It makes it much more convenient to use in the frequency I like to utilize a mask.

For masking, you need to determine your needs and your availability. Ideally, you want to mask once a week. If your hair is in serious need, you can mask more often or rotate which mask. When my hair has been in serious trouble or it has been ridiculously humid outside (can anyone say frizz?!) I have utilized a mask every time I've washed (which would be every few days) until I felt like things were better under control.

So have frizz? There are masks out there for frizz such as smooth infusions new smoothing masque or if you wear your hair naturally curly, check out the new be curly intensive detangling masque.

Have breakage and damage? You want to look for a mask that gives you both strength and a little moisture as well. Strength is usually labeled as protein in different product companies. Aveda usually uses quinoa for their strength, especially in their Damage Remedy line. That mask is my absolute favorite.

Hair feel like hay? Drier than the sahara desert? Check out one for moisture that includes a good oil base to it. We utilize the Dry Remedy mask. Sometimes we will recommend rotating the Dry Remedy and Smooth Infusion to utilize both the shea butter and buriti oil from each line.

Once you determine the mask, figure out how you want to use it. I personally recommend using your mask on the day that you are going to take a little longer showering (such as the day you are going to do all your personal grooming aka shaving). I quick wash my hair, get out as much of the moisture from my hair as I can, apply the mask from my ear area down then work it up to my scalp and then I wrap it up into a bun on top of my head and enjoy the rest of my shower. I try to have the hottest shower possible for the steam to help the mask penetrate. When it's time to rinse, I rinse as cool as possible even though that's hard for me!

You can also apply the mask on clean damp hair and wrap in saran wrap or a shower cap to trap the heat in and let it sit on for as long as I can. Overnight is even okay. I then rinse extremely well. If you have fine hair, you can lightly shampoo and condition if you are worried about being too greasy.

Masks are definitely a great way to keep your hair healthy. It won't completely fix split ends but it will help mend and prevent split ends from getting worse. The only true way to fix split ends is to trim them and maintain them. Hair masks are the way to protect your hair, help fix frizz and moisture, and provide more shine to your hair.

Have questions? Schedule a shampoo, conditioning mask and blowout with one of our stylists. We love helping you pick out what's best for your hair!

Hello From Thirty!

It's FINALLY here! That time where we enter the world of blogging!

I know you have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting reading our very thoughts, tips and ideas!

So here they are! But FIRST, a little information about the voices behind the blog here at Thirty Hair!

Typically, you will hear from Sarah, our creative brains at Thirty Hair but every so often you will hear from guest bloggers on our team such as Sarah Beth, our trustee Guest Coordinator at the front, or Kara, who is one of our stylists who has a passion for hair color especially hand painting, long hair sombres and curly hair. Who knows, we may even get Ed, our oldest and MAYBE wisest, stylist of 50 years in the business to write some of his tried and true tidbits for us!

What you can look forward to are beauty and makeup tips, ideas on how to talk with your stylists both with us at Thirty and at any hair salon, and who we are and what we love here at Thirty Hair.

If you stumbled on our page, let me introduce you to Thirty Hair. We are an Aveda concept hair salon based in Columbia, Maryland that focuses on creating wearable hair. We work with all ages, are open late for both working individuals and moms who need to come in after dad comes home so they don't need to get childcare for their alone time at the salon. We love to create beautiful hair that is fun but also wearable. We have a variety of experience as well as a variety of ages for our team which gives us a great diversity when it comes to taking care of guests. One of the biggest perks that we tell our guests is that we work for THEM, not that you work around us! If you haven't tried us before, stop in sometime just to say hi! And if you have, we would love for you to share your experiences on yelp and google+ to help us grow! Oh and hop on over to facebook and follow us and make sure to look for our hashtag on IG!

Thanks for reading! We look forward to more posts! Feel free to comment and join in!

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